What are Baoding Balls?

Baoding Balls are a type of Chinese Health balls.  They are made of iron and are renowed at home and abroad. Dating back to the Ming Dynasty, the original Baoding Iron Balls were solid iron balls, but later ones were made hollow with a sounding plate to creat the familiar “dong” sound when moved.  Traditionally every pair of Baoding balls consists of one higher pitch “dong” sound, and one lower pitch sound.

What Do You Use Baoding Balls For?

Baoding balls are used to relieve stress and can help to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome.  They are also believed to clear energy channels and stimulate chi energy, thus improving overall health.

How Do You Use Baoding Balls?

To use them you simply roll them around and over each other.  As you roll them, they stimulate the acupressure points of the hand – like self help accupressure. Keep a set handy by your workstation, phone or anywhere else you may get tense.

Product Features

  • Available in two sizes – Medium (1 7/8″ diameter) and Large (2 1/8″ diameter)
  • Easy to learn – so you’re more likely to use it
  • Stimulates chi sensitivity so improves overall health
  • Fantastic self accupressure!

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