The RhinoPro balls are very effective in releasing muscle tension and relaxing tight muscles. Roller massage ball therapy is a popular method in helping to release trigger points. Contracted muscles relax more quickly when they are massaged and rolling therapy is very effective in helping them release.

The RhinoPro’s hundreds of therapy cones help work deeply into the muscle to help them relax more quickly.

These balls are particularly helpful in relieving the debilitating foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis.  Simply roll the ball under your feet, in between your hands or over any of your body that has tension. Use it on yourself or a partner.

Product Features

  • Roll the RhinoPro under your feet, between your hands or anywhere on your body to release tension, stimulate nerves and relax muscles. Roll under your feet to soothe and help heal plantar faciitis.
  • Therapy nodes help work muscles more deeply and accelerate trigger point release
  • Durable and effective. Portable to bring to the gym, work or when traveling. Massage anytime and anywhere!
  • Great for hand massages too!
  • Comes in Hard and Soft (purple).