Experience our most popular super fun splat balls. These soft water filled squishy balls splat when you throw them against a table or wall, but in no time at all, they bounce right back to their original shape. Assortments will vary and may not match the photo.

Example items: Splat Pigs, Tomatoes, Monkeys, Rats, Soccer Balls, Watermelons, Poop, Frogs, Strawberries, Eyeballs, eggs and rocks.

CARE NOTES: Water filled splat balls are softer than ordinary stress balls and thus can be broken if not treated with care. Made of a soft rubber outer shell with filtered water inside.

They are not recommended for children under the age of 5.

Product Features

  • An assortment of 12 Different Splat Balls
  • Splat Pigs, Splat Tomatoes, Splat Monkeys, Splat Rats, Splat Soccer Balls etc.
  • Safety Tested by Certified Labs
  • Splat balls are filled with filtered water and “splat” when thrown against the floor.
  • No doubles or duplicates in each pack – each has 12 unique styles.