Promotional stress balls are a great way to raise the profile of your offline business, but have you considered using them to raise the offline profile of your online business too?

Think about it.  Stress affects everyone.  Stress balls affordable and highly effective stress relieving toys which can be used to great effect by young and used-to-be-young alike!  And stress balls are fun to use, which is the key to their stress relief success!  Promotional stress balls come in all shapes and sizes.  They can be printed with your logo or corporate message and they will sit on the desk of your customers.  And if they are an eye-catching color and interesting or comical shape, so much the better!

Why not choose a shape that matches your business, or which will make your customers smile?  Stress balls may come in spherical ball shapes but promotional stress balls can be moulded to be shapes like everyday objects, planes, hard hats, body parts, fruit shapes and so on.  All are sure to make your customers think of your company when they see the stress ball on their desk.

Promotional stress balls are great reminders to your customers, and potential customers of the importance of taking breaks.  Every time they pick up your promotional stress ball to squeeze it in their hands, bounce it off the walls or generally roll it around their desks.

And every time your customer, or target customer picks up your promotional stress relief ball, they will read your message with your URL.  And that means it will be your website they visit when they next need a product like yours.

Promotional stress balls are not just highly practical and fun, they also make great gifts. Remember your promo stress balls next time you go to a trade fair or networking event.  They can do wonders for online businesses as well as offline sales.

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