The Tangle Matrix Stress Ball is a different kind of stress ball.  Made from a two colored (varying) plastic matric it is ergonomically designed to give you maximum stress relief in a compact form and yet can be used in the same way that all the “big boy” stress balls can.

Although it has a matrix structure (“holes in it”), it is still quite comfortable if you roll it around your hand like you would traditional Chinese balls and it can also be squashed like the softer squash stress balls.  However, it can also be bounced and thrown at walls like the more more traditional rubber band balls.  It’s also great to play with if you have fidgety fingers!

This is a brilliant stress ball if you like using your stress balls in different ways according to how you feel.  It is awesome.

Just one thing though.  Because it looks so cool and is quite small, your kids might “borrow” it a lot!

Why You Should Buy A Tangle Stress Ball

  • You get perfect stress relief in a pocket size ball
  • Great for all ages – you might need to buy more than one so the kids can have one
  • You can use it many different ways – squeeze, bounce, roll, throw, tease – they all work
  • Small size so perfect for kids

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