What Are Miracle Balls?

The Miracle Balls are two small balls which “perform miracles” according to folks who have used them successfully!

Designed initially by a desperate young dancer who had her career shortened by injury.  She tried everything until she designed and then used these Miracle Balls to heal herself through a unique program of therapy and relaxation exercises over the squishy balls.

And since she healed herself, there have been no shortage of folks who have been helped by this unique system.

What Do You Get In The Miracle Balls Method Kit?

The Miracle Balls Method kit comes with two full sized Miracle Balls (about the size of a grapefruit) and a fully illustrated book to show you how to do the exercises. The diagrams are clear and are easy to follow.

How Do You Use The Miracle Balls?

Basically the exercises are relaxation exercises.  You place one Miradcle Ball underneath the part of your body which iscausing pain, and then relax by sinking into the ball, breathing properly.  If you have problems with you hips, you might like to put one Miracle Ball under each hip and relaxing over them both together.  Amazingly, as you relax, the pain and tension drains out of your body and the body realigns so that the pain and stress is less likely to return.

Can The Miracle Balls Be Used For Any Aches and Pains?

I don’t know, but I haven’t found anything you can’t use them for!  So far, Miracle Balls can be used to help pains and stress in the back, neck, knee and hip. This is a fantastic system which some people have called “revolutionary”!  And I am not one to disagree with that!

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