Choosing a stress ball can sometimes be tough.  But sometimes choosing which stress ball to buy is very simple!  Take this one.  Handstands cyber gel squeeze ball is the most popular stress ball in the USA. It is a comfortable 55 mms diameter (about 2.5 inches) with a not-too-firm, not-too-soft squash resistance which makes your stress relief very effective.

As it is filled non toxic gel, it is not poisonous.  So if yours gets accidentally punctured, and the contents licked up by your dog and/or your toddler dips her hands in it, then don’t stress!

And to reduce your stress even further, these are some of the only stress balls we’ve ever seen which actually say they are machine washable!

These gel squash balls come in lots of different colors, and they are proven to reduce stress and tension.  They are not America’s favorite gels stress ball for no reason!

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