Most of us experience stressful situations every day and as it is often impractical to go for a run, have a heart to heart chat with a close friend or take a long relaxing bath whenever the stress levels soar, simple stress relieving toys, such as stress balls have become very popular.

However, thinking “One Stress Ball is enough” is probably one of the most widely held misconceptions about these cheap and effective stress relief toys that there is.

Why is this?

Stress relieving toys, like stress balls are ideal for episodic acute stress, times when you need to work off energy but cannot get up and move freely around for whatever reason.  This makes stress balls the perfect stress relieving toy whenever you are stuck or waiting for something.

You might be at your desk in the office, queuing in traffic, waiting for an overdue commuter train on an increasingly overcrowded platform, listening to the dentist’s drill whilst waiting for a dental check-up, dreading your next labour pain, and so on.

Unless you are rigorous about taking your stress ball with you everywhere you go, you will need two or more stress relief toys.  In fact, you should keep a stress ball at home, one in the office, one in your car glove compartment, one in your everyday handbag or purse and so on.

Everyone needs more than one stress ball.  Don’t be left nursing extra stress, buy an extra stress ball or two!  Click on the links on the left or click here for one of my own personal favorites!