Stress Balls are effective stress relievers for hands. Hands get very stressed. People wring their hands, drum their fingers or clench their fists so tightly they can leave fingernail indentations in their flesh when stressed.  Hands are tension magnets.  And they are also the simplest route to stress relief, if done correctly.And that means with stress balls.

Stress Balls are designed to destress hands.  They are small squishy balls, often between 7cms to 10cms diameter, making them the perfect size to be held in one hand easily.

Stress balls are used by simply squeeze it rhythmically.  Start by squeezing the stress ball in your dominant hand as this is the hand which commonly holds the most tension.  Try experimenting with different strokes and speeds.  Most people find that squeezing the stress ball slowly and rhythmically with or without a “stop pause” when the stress ball is fully squeezed works best.  However, other people find that short rapid pulses with the stress ball almost totally collapsed work best.

Take your time to build up to a stress relieving speed.  Use your stress ball too quickly and lactic acid will build up in your hand muscles which will make you quit before you have had any proper stress relief from the stress ball.  Go too slowly and you will not feel the full benefits either!  Experiment with pressure, timings, speed and frequency when using stress balls and you will soon find what works for you.

Using stress balls is simple.  Stress balls are safe to use and are effective stress relievers.  Use stress balls as part of your daily stress reduction routine and you will reap the benefits!