Like Porcupine Massage Balls in so many ways, Rhino balls are firm to squeeze, easy to use and provide excellent tension and stress relief.  Use them to stimulate the hand or foot acupressure points and lead to deep tissue relaxation.

One of the best things about the Rhino balls is that they come in pairs.  Not that you need to use them in pairs of course – you do not use them like Chinese Balls – but having two means that you can use one on your hands and one on your feet at the same time – BUT if you want to do that, you will have to be particularly co-ordinated (more than me anyway!).

You can also use Rhino Balls in your back, legs, shoulders, even your partner! – anywhere in fact that you get tension or feel pain.  the high quality Rhino Balls offer tension relief and muscle relaxation.  Light-weight, sturdy and small – great for relief on the go!

Product Features

  • Lightweight and sturdy – these stress balls stand up to considerable wear and tear
  • Perfect to release tension, stimulate nerves and relax muscles
  • Spiky sensory points encourage stimulation of nervous stimulation points.
  • Come in a smaller 2.5 ins and a larger 3.5 ins size perfect for different uses.

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