The Koosh Ball Mondo is an awesome stress relief toy.  It is covered in hundreds of stretchy, stringy strands which have got to make this one of the most tactile stress balls ever.

And it is these strands which make it a particularly good stress ball.  You can squash or squeeze the Koosh Ball Mondo and it feels great.  You can throw it or roll it, and it takes all the punishment you need to give it.  But the stretchy strands also mean you can pull and tease this stress ball, which means you have a whole different way of using it to relieve stress!

This extra large Koosh Ball Mondo is about 4.5 ins in diameter.  We love it because its size means it is big enough for you to use both hands at the same time.  We believe you won’t be able to stop messing with this stress ball!

On the plus side, it comes in multi colors, so your favorite will definitely be in there!  But do not let your dog get hold of this, or  put it in the bath because – on the downside – the strings clump together when they get wet and the Koosh is never quite the same again.

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