Stress balls are soft, squashy stress relieving toys, which are rhythmically squeezed and released or rolled around the reflex points in the hands to reduce stress and tension. Despite being very affordable, even cheap, stress balls are extremely effective stress relievers.

Some are small, hard and are used in pairs, such as Chinese balls, which are rolled around each other in the palm of the hand. This takes a lot of practice and if you are easily irritated, you should not get musical or chiming Chinese balls until you are well skilled.

The success of these unsung heroes of the stress relief world comes from their range of surface textures and sturdiness, which are essential for proper use over the long-term. In addition, these cheap stress relievers are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. This is important because everyone’s needs are different.

Stress balls are not all the same and it definitely does matter which you choose. For example, large boned people and petite people with arthritis need different sizes, shapes, styles and textures of balls for good stress relief.

Someone with large hands would benefit from a larger sized squash stress ball with a good quality “squash”. People with smaller hands would find smaller sized balls easier to manage and might prefer a gentler “squash”. And there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that people with arthritis benefit from the rolling action needed to manipulate Chinese Stress Balls.

Stress balls are fantastic stress relievers so why settle for anything less than your perfect squeeze?