Most people spend a large proportion of their lives at work.  And whether your workplace is away in an office or in your home itself, workplace stress can build.  Unless you take steps to control your stress, it can spill over into other areas of your life.  But you should avoid bringing stress home.  After all, you do not want to stress out your partner, children, even pets, do you?

So you need to tackle stress at work.  But how do you tackle it, in the very place you are feeling the pressure, when you have no time?  How about getting in touch with your inner child and revisiting a more carefree, stress free time of your life?

Use stress toys.

Whilst I do not recommend you make your working space look like a playground, if you are the type of person who gets stressed easily, you will benefit from choosing a small selection of stress relief toys.

Although they are not toys, toy manufacturers are capable of producing a wide range of stress relief toys.  All of these are aimed at providing the out user with some physical stress relief by reducing the pressure in the hands, stimulating acupressure points and providing some mental relaxation into the bargain.  The trick is to choose one that suits you so that you can get immediate stress relief, when you want it, without actually getting distracted by it!

Stress balls fit this bill perfectly.  They are simple to use, effective and are not so complicated that you become obsessed with them!

Using a stress relief toy will help you reduce the strain of workplace pressures whilst helping you keep your mind on the job!  And considering just how inexpensive stress relief ball are, buying one really should be a no-brainer!