Stress relief toys come in all shapes and sizes and this is especially true of the Tangle Therapy toy.

Made from 20 interconnected, colorful and freely rotatable pieces, this Tangle toy is much bigger than usual Tangle Toys.  This means that it is easier to use, can be used by people who have difficulty gripping, and is a really fun way to exercise hand and wrist joints whilst experiencing the deep massage effects of the nodules on the accupressure points of the hands.

This toy is so good at occupying your hands that it is even recommended as a stop smoking aid!

Product Features

  • Twistable therapy toy give a great new ergonomic approach to stress relief
  • Use Tangle Therapy for hand and mind wellness
  • Fits easily into one hand so you can use one or two hands for maximum fun
  • 20 interconnected pieces keeps your hands active
  • Soft rubberized coating means you will enjoy touching and using this stress toy.

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