The best thing about stress relief toys is that they relieve stress  – and boobs are the ultimate comforter!  Their shape, texture and natural wobble, together with fact that they are naturally tactile, makes boobs a perfect subject for stress balls.  And this one comes in giant size!

Let’s be honest, this one is targeted at men – so it is huge, has flawless coloring, perfectly formed nipple and fantastically symmetrical areola!  But it is also well made.  It has an addictive wibbly wobbly texture which makes it awesome when you want to prod, squeeze, caress, rub or stroke your stress away!

Perfect for boob lovers as a naughty stocking filler, sexy secret Santa present or as a risque novelty gift!

This giant stress boob ball is great for giving stress relief anywhere.  Keep one at home to distract your man or take one to the office – if you dare!  If you are looking for a rude,  fun stress ball then this is for you.  Perfect for making your A-type man relax!

Just be aware, you’re only getting one, so if you want two, you’ll need to order two!

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